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The Reason Everything Happens (Or Doesn't)

I'm So Scared!

Once upon a time, an ex-girlfriend, in her attempt to justify breaking up with me, eyes to the floor, offered me the cliché
“I believe everything happens for a reason.”

I was never a big fan of that phrase to begin with, and I guess her convenient use for it didn’t do much to change my

Interesting phrase indeed, this ‘everything happens for a reason’…We’ve all heard it countless times, and have likewise
learned to use it when it suits us, or when we can’t find a real explanation, or…just because it fills in a space somewhere
– mentally, emotionally, or just in conversation. It certainly helps to instill order in our lives – and order is something we

Anyway, on its surface, the phrase itself seems logical. Everything that happens does so for a reason – multiple reasons
really, but we’ll choose to keep it simple. The problem with, or more so the inherent fallacy in the ‘everything happens for
a reason’ expression lies in the very implications that it suggests – those being that ‘things happen’ because of some
inescapable fate, or the sheer will of some deity or demon, or some celestial wind for that matter.

By that logic, people get a speeding ticket, not because they were speeding and the cops had set up a speed trap, but
because some cosmic energy perpetuates it. Joe would get struck with some illness, and Bob wouldn’t, not because of
genetic propensity, or difference in lifestyle, or some other likely medically traceable reason, but due to the plans of some
supernatural force.

I wonder if my ex-girlfriend had pinpointed the exact mystical power which compelled her to end our relationship.

Yes, things do happen for a reason, but, other than sheer luck which is always a factor, the reason for ‘things happening’
in our lives, is much more simple to determine, and easily more plausible than we’d often like to believe. We certainly do
not need to look to the skies or consult an Ouija board to determine it. Rather, the (main) reason ‘things happen’ is
because our own prior actions have predictably caused them to happen. Likewise, the main reason things may not ever
transpire is because we have not acted in a way that would inevitably lead to their occurrence.

And so, the conclusion to be reached in all this, is as such: If you want something to happen tomorrow, if you want your
life to evolve in the way that you envision it to, then YOU must constantly be striving to create such life, beginning today.

If the chief reason for how our futures are determined is based on our own actions, waiting for the stroke of a certain
benign fate is an entirely futile approach. A much more effective tactic would be to get up off of our chair and do the
things that will turn our life into what we want it to be. ‘Fate’, almost always, turns out to be nothing more than the grand
collective of our previous moves.


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