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 PUBLISHED ON: 5/24/17

Two minutes or less into the class session, her drawing commences. And it continues… throughout the entire class…

I never know what she’s going to draw… I never know how it’s going to turn out… But neither does she…. She just
draws… She just obeys what her hand wants her to do… The moment decides….

She’s not the only one, you know… Every semester there is one of them – at least one… One who is always there for the
lecture – but while I babble, she just draws….Somehow she listens to what I am saying, - and I know she does - but she
just draws….

You know… I marvel at those students…. They are not trying to be disrespectful…. They’re just following a higher
command – one that I can’t overcome, or defeat…. They’re following their soul.
What a blessing it is to follow your own soul. What a blessing, when everything and everyone around you asks you,
cajoles you, even commands you to follow anything but…

Do “this” the world says… Well, … screw the world!

Life, your life, my life, anyone’s life is not about “the world”… It’s about the one who’s living it. The voice of your own
insides is the only voice that matters. The only one you should hear. The only one that should guide the strokes of the pen
you hold. The only one that should write the storyline.

I don’t mind if she draws in my class – not at all. She’s exactly where I want her to be. In touch with her soul. I hope she
knows it. I hope she never deviates from that urge to do so. For no reason, and for no one…

There’s just one more thing I want from her. I never want her to stop and think “what direction should my pen go in
next?” No. I want that direction to be what it always seems to be for her. A direction she herself doesn’t know until that
very moment when her pen decides for her. I want her to make the move she always makes - the perfect move.

You see, so often in life we make plans. We chart it all out. But what feels so right at this very moment, may feel so
absolutely wrong the next. But we feel committed to the moment prior…. We go with what was right ten minutes ago….
yesterday… last year… It’s the wrong move, you know…. And then…. we lose….

You got to play the game of life the way she draws… You go with your gut….. You make the move that’s right - right
now, and in this moment. If you do that it will NEVER be the wrong move. It will always be the PERFECT move. I’m
convinced. Why? Because, none of them doodlers in my classes ever screw up. Their move is always perfect. It’s never
tainted by their thoughts half an hour ago. Nor is it tainted by what they should draw. By what would look better. By what
“the critics” would say. It’s simply the move of the moment.

The soul speaks. The soul is never wrong. The soul is the only thing we should ever adhere to. Everything else is
“false”. And it’s not doodling we’re talking about….

Follow your soul,


Next time you feel you have time to observe something more than …. well, nothing … pay attention...

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