​Chasing The Jones' Family
I'm So Scared!

A few years ago when vacationing in Greece, my ears could not escape “This is our night!, Fly to the top baby!”...

When asked, most people typically provide responses like "snakes". "Heights". Even "clowns".

Keeping up the those Joneses...A culturally entrenched, almost obligatory, even venerated American pastime.

Reach The Top, Then What?

"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be"

​- Ralph Waldo Emerson - 

Core beliefs: The foundations of a "Good Life"
My years of experience in Psychology have repeatedly shown me that the good life, the triumphant life, the full life  - regardless of how it translates for each of us individually - is inherently composed of certain common and essential elements.  Whatever you see as your personal destiny, the presence and cultivation of these factors (which are outlined below) is imperative if you are to "find your peak", and live life as a "whole", rather than a "fragmented" human being.  Recognizing these criteria as the requisite catalysts to personal fulfillment, I, at Olympus Life Coaching  aim primarily to help you:

Discover Yourself
In the words of Bernard Malamud, the late Pulitzer Prize winning author, "when your train's on the wrong track, every station you come to is the wrong station".  If we are spending our life not fully certain of our values or our desired direction, then we are doomed to keep getting off on wrong stations.  If we don't know where it is we want to be, how can we ever be there?  Inevitably, we will never feel at "home", or be at "peace".  In a sense, we can never be "happy".  Conversely, a knowledge of our true self is perhaps the most priceless possession we can have.  It enables us to make decisions that are truly the best decisions for us, and be in the places that are the best places for us.  We are much more likely to make wise decisions: to choose the "right job" or career, the "right" relationships, the most optimal future paths.  In short it allows us to:

Live authentically 
... or to live your life as "you", rather than someone that others want you to be.  Bosses, parents, siblings, friends, marketers, society, etc., etc., they all want a "say" in how we live our lives.  They all deliberately or inadvertently "whisper in our ears", telling us what is best for us.  And directly or indirectly, their voices seep into our heads, causing us to act and think and be as these others want us to act and think and be, rather than thinking and acting as, and being ... OURSELVES....  But again, happiness, and serenity, and personal growth, are only possible to find when we are living as ourselves - not as mere byproducts of others' desires. I wholeheartedly believe that the foundation of a good life lies in the authenticity of that life.

Accept yourself
"You mean it's ok to be "me"?"   I can only imagine how many of us struggle daily with this inner dialogue.  But if we find difficulty in accepting ourselves, if we choose to surrender to self-defeating and unnecessary emotions like guilt and regret, then we are most likely to spend a good portion of our time and energy looking backwards to fix things that, more than likely, do not need fixing.  Conversely, if we choose to accept ourselves we experience "freedom" - the "freedom" that allows us to look forward, to "build", to become...  Yes, it is perfectly "ok" to be "you" - even if you're not perfect.  Because nobody is....  I am here to support you in coming to that realization. 

Improve your relationships
Seeking and having connections with other humans is a fundamental need of our nature.  And yet, there are relationships that enhance and nurture us as people, and enable us to venture to a higher plane, but there are also relationships that do the opposite - they sap our energy and will to move forward.  Yet, by knowing ourselves, we are better able) both because of enhanced awareness and personal strength) to choose our relationships - to keep the relationships that offer us inspiration and support, and walk away from those relationships that mostly damage us.  Furthermore, our own self-acceptance can only lead to the increased acceptance of others.  Through knowing and accepting ourselves, we will inevitably become kinder, more loving, more giving people.  Others will be naturally drawn to us, in that we will radiate a sense of peace, and in turn help enrich their lives through our presence and actions. 

 Grow as a person

 In explaining our innate need for growth, Carl Rogers once wrote: "... the urge is evident in all organic and human life - to expand, extend, become autonomous, develop, mature - the tendency to express and activate all the capacities if the organism, to the extent that such an activation enhances the organism, or the self..."    And indeed, we all feel more alive when we are moving forward, when we are evolving as people, when we feel challenged, and we are truly utilizing "all our capacities".  I honestly believe that the greatest joy in life revolves around this inner sense that we are growing as individuals.  Conversely, I think we all experience the greatest amount of frustration and despair when we feel stagnant - when we see our paths to growth being blocked, or non-existent.  The stakes between living a life of growth or one of stagnation are nothing short of enormous.  Let me help you find the path upward.... 

Find meaning and purpose in your life
Perhaps the greatest necessity to our psychological well-being is having a sense of purpose in our lives.  In his classic book, Man's Search for Meaning, the late Victor Frankl wrote: "Man's search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life.... This meaning is unique and specific in that it must be fulfilled by him alone."  In other words, having a sense of purpose, feeling that our life has significance, living our passions, and living for our passions, is absolutely essential.  If our lives lack meaning, there is nothing in the world that can serve as a substitute for it.  Without meaning and purpose not only can we never be truly fulfilled or happy, but our very existence will seem aimless and insignificant.  So... do you know what the meaning of your life is?  Have you found, and are you living your passion?  As your Life Coach, I can help you discover your purpose, and furthermore help you to actively live it. 

Create an environment where you can flourish
Perhaps the most frustrating experience that many of us have is the predicament of seemingly knowing who we are, and where we want to be.  We understand our purpose and goals, and we are willing to work hard, but it just seems that the roads "from point A to point B" (i.e. where we are now, in comparison to where we want to be) are blocked or can't be found.  And yet, quite often this is because we are sitting "inside the problem", unable to look at it from a fresh, "outside" perspective.  Most frequently, the unfortunate result is that we "choose" to remain "unhappy" and frustrated, falling prey to passivity and an "acceptance of the inevitable".  Yet, often a "fresh perspective" can help us recognize that we are able to make gradual changes in our lives, and slowly open the paths that now seem closed.  We can leave behind the environments and circumstances that are keeping us trapped, and progress to living the life that we want to live.  As your Life Coach, I can help you gain that fresh perspective, enable you to recognize that the path to your ideal life exists, and support you as you make changes, and "re-set the game board of your world" in a way that will allow you to thrive. 

In Conclusion....
Life is certainly not easy, and sometimes the best intentions or the best plans fall flat.  Setbacks can and do occur.  However, I believe that by continuallyand mindfully working at being our best selves, rather than passively letting circumstances and outside agents dictate the course of our days and years, we have the best chance at living the most optimal, most fulfilling life we could possibly lead.  I certainly believe that I can assist you in your efforts to live such a purposeful life.  I wish you well, and I would love to help you achieve everything it is you want to achieve. 

Mission Statement

To enable individuals of all ages discover their authentic selves and their passion for life, make wise choices, and live a happier and more fulfilling existence.

Our relationship: The vehicle to success

The most fundamental ingredient to helping you achieve your goals is the relationship that we can build together. A solid coach-client relationship is no different than any other relationship, in that it lies on a foundation of honesty, trust, acceptance of each other as an individual, and a mutual sense of respect between us. Acknowledging the power of the relationship in facilitating your progress, your growth, and all that you expect me to  help you achieve, I offer you:

An individualized approach to coaching:

I fully understand that the issues that people face at one time or another are widely distinct.  Some of us may be confronting crucial life changes, some of us may just feel stagnant, some may be wondering what our next life step should be, and so on....  Likewise, all of us have our own unique dreams, our own aspirations, our own perceived destinies. Addressing these widely disparate predicaments through a "one size fits all" approach is obviously nothing short of futile.  Thus, I have no use for any "canned" methods, session techniques, questions, and prescriptions. Instead, at Olympus Life Coaching, you can be certain that I will attend to your individual needs and objectives, and will offer you the personal assistance you require to improve your life as YOU see fit.

My Pledge...

  • I will do my best to see the world through your eyes.
  • I will not lie to you.
  • I will not judge you.
  • I will not waste your time, spewing at you "rah rah type" motivational speeches that have no substance, nor accomplish anything.
  • I will use all my knowledge and skill to help us accomplish what we have jointly agreed to accomplish.