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Chasing The Jones' Family

 PUBLISHED ON: 1/17/18

Listening to Our Own Music

Keeping up the those Joneses...A culturally entrenched, almost obligatory, even...

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Have you ever found yourself in a place where the music flooding your ears wasn’t exactly your cup of tea?

How awful, how annoying that feels. ‘When and how do I escape?’ your soul cries.

Now think of how wonderful it is when you’re listening to your music. 

The music you love. The music that moves you.

Interestingly, the kinds of lives we lead seem to parallel the above ‘my music vs. someone else’s music’ example. Many
of us live in a mode seemingly dictated by ‘the outside’. A life ‘prescribed’ by the wishes and input of others - parents,
friends, relatives, society at large…. That life is not our life. We are living it but we don’t own it. You can even say it
owns us. It has the same psychological effect as the music we don’t want to be listening to.

The alternative, is a life we choose. One driven by the ‘voice’ coming from inside. One based on the ‘commands’ of our
own spirit and soul. This is the authentic life. The uninhibited life. Our life.

If and when we decide we will live as ourselves, we are indeed free. What we can then envision is infinity. What
becomes possible for us is … true happiness.


Next time you feel you have time to observe something more than …. well, nothing … pay attention...

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