If you’re a bit long of tooth, you may remember some of those old TV detective shows. Something about them. ‘Technicolor’ was a far cry from HD…. And the detective wasn’t the suave, chiseled, six-packer that dominates today’s small screen. Rather, he usually was some middle aged dude, sporting plaid polyester pants, maybe even a pot belly. 

Keeping up the those Joneses...A culturally entrenched, almost obligatory, even venerated American pastime. In our frantic pursuit to catch up to Mr. and Mrs. Jones, we perhaps fail to acknowledge how many others look at us as ‘the Joneses’, and are feverishly working to get to the ‘tree branch’ that we occupy.

Next time you feel you have time to observe something more than …. well, nothing … pay attention for a moment to a child that seems to be in his own world somewhere, captivated by something that you and I would not give a microsecond
of thought to. Draw in to what you witness.


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Two minutes or less into the class session, her drawing commences. And it continues… throughout the entire class…I never know what she’s going to draw… I never know how it’s going to turn out… But neither does she…. She just draws… She just obeys what her hand wants her to do… The moment decides….



PUBLISHED ON: 10/17/17

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Stalker in the Rear View Mirror

Once upon a time, an ex-girlfriend, in her attempt to justify breaking up with me, eyes to the floor, offered me the cliché “I believe everything happens for a reason.” I was never a big fan of that phrase to begin with, and I guess her convenient use for it didn’t do much to change my viewpoint.

What are you afraid of? When asked, most people typically provide responses like “snakes”. “Heights”. Even “clowns”. Indeed, studies show these fears to be common across our species. But unless such fear has been clinically diagnosed as a moderate to severe level phobia, one’s life isn’t all that much compromised. Stay out of the wood...

Perspectives on Life and Happiness

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I'm So Scared!
The Perfect Move
The Reason Everything Happens (Or Doesn't)
When You Reach The Top, Then What?

As a Professor of Psychology, I find myself constantly reading - both cutting edge research as well as classic texts, in a variety of fields

such as psychology, philosophy, sociology, and literature. As a Life Coach, I am inevitably exposed to the unique trajectories and

predicaments of my clients’ lives. As I help them navigate the challenges that each faces, I can’t help but to continue to learn from every

one of them, and from their particular situations.

As a human being, I just … continuously watch life unfold – both within me and around me. Instinctively, as I think is characteristic of all

of us, I aim to absorb and make sense of it all. Here, as a writer I seem to pull it all together - the scientific data, the wisdom of sages of all

eras, the lessons that the occurrences and thoughts of others have taught me, and my own life experiences and emotions - into scripted

reflections on how to best live a life of meaning and daily joy.

I welcome you to sample my observations, and humbly hope that they are able to enrich you in some way.

The Thoughts of Picasso


Blog Post Life Coaching



Blog Post Life Coaching


Listening to Our Own Music

The noise is never ending, isn’t it? We walk around with our brains chattering endlessly, thinking about tomorrow, yesterday, what happened this morning, what will take place tonight, replays and alternate endings of past events, and fantasies about things that could be or could have been.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where the music flooding your ears wasn’t exactly your cup of tea? How awful, how annoying that feels. ‘When and how do I escape?’ your soul cries. Now think of how wonderful it is when you’re listening to your music. The music you love. The music that moves you.

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Get Some Air...

A few years ago when vacationing in Greece, my ears could not escape “This is our night!, Fly to the top baby!”, the chorus to a very pedestrian tune that sadly represented my birth nation in the Eurovision song contest that season. There are probably a few hundred songs that talk about ‘reaching for the top’. Yes, it’s a cliché theme, but...


Chasing The Jones' Family