"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be"

​- Ralph Waldo Emerson - 


As a Life Coach and Mentor for Adolescents, I combine my knowledge and expertise with my personal qualities such as a warm personality, genuineness, high degree of empathy and understanding, and an authentic affinity for the well-being and success of young people. In total. I aim to provide a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental space for youths to explore themselves, their thoughts and dreams, and their world.

Through my guidance and support, my adolescent clients adopt a more effectual and realistic outlook on things, which further provides them with the willingness and courage to recognize and accept responsibility for themselves and theiractions, and enables them to take steps to create the changes that they deem necessary in their lives.  

Furthermore, they will begin to develop a higher degree of self-awareness and self-acceptance, an enhanced perspective of their needs and desires, a greater awareness of the choices available to them, and a more focused notion of their aspired short and long term future.

In addition, and not any less importantly, the following outcomes frequently occur:

How I Can Help Adolescents

Whether you are the concerned parent of an adolescent who seems to be struggling and can benefit from receiving support and direction from a caring and informed coach and mentor, or yourself are a young adult who needs some clarity and encouragement, I urge you to call me.  With my help and guidance, stress will yield to calmness, hesitation will turn to empowerment, confusion will give way to transparency, and disillusionment and fear will become hope.

  • An advanced proficiency in problem solving and decision making abilities
  • A refinement of social and communication skills
  • Feelings of hope and optimism
  • A possible rise in academic performance

  • Improved levels of resilience and learning of coping skills
  • Increased motivation
  • Feelings of self-confidence, personal empowerment and trust in themselves and their decisions
  • An enhanced ability to set and attain goals

Why Choose Olympus?

It is a consensus among experts who study and work with youth, that Life coaches who work with adolescents should be fully knowledgeable about the psychological dynamics and issues that characterize this age period.  As a matter of fact, The National Association of Social Workers suggests that “appropriate and effective work with adolescents requires an understanding of the developmental skills and tasks characteristic of the age, an awareness of the psychosocial and emotional phases of adolescence”. 

As depicted above, and elaborated upon in the “About” page, I have been a professor of Psychology since 1990, and I have been teaching Psychology of Adolescence since 2003.  In addition, beyond being a Certified Life Coach, I also hold a Certification in Youth, Parent, and Family Coaching.  My continuous research and reading in the field, as well as my daily encounters with adolescents of all ages, have given me an intimate knowledge of how adolescents think, the forces that shape them, their concerns, and how both their biology and their society and environment affect their beliefs and actions.

My Life Among Adolescents 

As a college professor, and as a Life Coach, I have been around adolescents of various ages

for the past 25 years.  I have watched their struggle to find themselves, to become aware

of what feels true and meaningful to them, and to select a future that both speaks to them,

and one that they believe will lead them to a sustainable life. Over this period of time, I have

noticed first hand many of the troubling changes described above become progressively more

frequent among our young people – their increased anxiety about the future, their (self-imposed and

culturally induced) hurry and impatience to grow up in one sense and their concurrent and paradoxical reluctance to do so on the other, and simultaneously the apparent diminished degree of coping skills, and uncertainty about one’s choices and capabilities.  

And yet, I have distinctly come to recognize that the decisions adolescents make, and the early paths they choose, are, in this day and age, more crucial than ever.  Often what is done is difficult if not impossible to undo.  Still, the task before them is to find definitive answers to so many important life issues, and to do so in a relatively short period of time  - while having limited information and experience,.  Now more than ever, our adolescents and young adults stand to benefit from an impartial and useful voice of reason and clarity, a constructive advisor, and an overall benevolent influence.

As such, I focus much of my life coaching practice, on working with adolescents and young adults – to help them not only make their present life more happy and rewarding, but also assist them in charting paths and sowing the seeds which will lead to a bright and fulfilling future.

Life coaching for...Adolescents? For "which" adolescents exactly?

Life coaching for Adolescents has increasingly become more commonplace in recent years. Overall, there is no “standard profile” for the adolescent who should seek, or will benefit from having a Life Coach. Reasons for hiring an Adolescent Life Coach can vary widely.  While typical cases may include uncertainty about career choices or future paths, feeling stuck or stagnated at a given point or life predicament, overwhelming stress, and assistance in determining goals, or achieving a goal already decided upon, an Adolescent Coach can be of valuable 
service in several other circumstances.

Modern Adolescence

Adolescence, - currently defined “loosely” by experts as the period between 10-25 years of age – can certainly be regarded as a period of great aspirations and potential, of abundant energy, of relative carefreeness, and of vast optimism and hope.  Indeed, Lawrence Steinberg, one of the most prominent thinkers on adolescence, has titled his new book on this life stage “The Age of Opportunity”.  And undeniably, it isn’t difficult to fathom the “opportunity” that this period of life presents.  The possibilities at this point in life are endless.  

And yet, while we expect this life stage to be one of relative vitality, enthusiasm, and joy, recent statistics exhibit a disturbing picture when it comes to our adolescents.  Recent major research studies indicate that stress among our teens and college students is at the highest rate ever.  In short, these studies have found adolescents now report experiencing more stress than

adults, that roughly only one in two of incoming college freshmen rate their emotional health

as “good”, that both college and high school students report “feeling frequently overwhelmed

by all they had to do”, and that only half of teens surveyed reported feeling capable of

handling their personal problems!  It is no wonder that data show that the demand for

counseling at College Counseling Centers around the nation to be commensurately

accelerating to record levels. My own experiences, from being around the college

environment daily, certainly corroborate the above findings.​​