During my twenty-five or so years of tenure as a professor, I have taught a wide array of courses in Psychology, including Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and Adult Psychology. Teaching these courses has given me an immense understanding of the issues people face, and the underlying needs that surface at all phases of life.

Thus, whether you are 18, 30, 40, 60, 100 or any age in between, I believe I possess both, the tools and the knowledge, to help you meet those psychological needs and deal with the issues you face in the most optimal manner. 

Jim Kargakos

However, my newest, and perhaps the most personally intriguing course that I have ever taught is the Psychology of Happiness, or Positive Psychology. As a student and professor of "human happiness", I have intently explored the unmistakable truths of timeless wisdom, as well as the cutting-edge contributions of modern science into this particularly significant area of study. Regrettably, I have also come to realize that, in pursuing happiness, people quite often do exactly the opposite of what would lead them to a more fulfilling life. And that has been sobering indeed... Teaching this course has created within me an even greater urgency to help people see beyond illusions and delusions, and move towards "happiness", rather than unknowingly moving away from it. 

Seemingly in an inevitable fashion, the path of my life has led me here - to being a Life Coach. In my practice as a Life Coach, I utilize my vast amount of knowledge and insight about the human soul, life, and happiness, to change lives. I enable people to discover and accept their true selves, and empower them to find and clear the paths that will allow them to realize their full potentials and turn their dreams into reality. 

As a Professional Life Coach, and "teacher of happiness", I have found my destiny and my truth. I want to help YOU find your truth, and live your most authentic and fulfilling life possible. 

Warm wishes,

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be"


My name is Jim Kargakos, and I am the founder of Olympus Life Coaching. Olympus was created with the objective of helping "real, everyday people" deal successfully with the issues and predicaments of "real, everyday life".

My inherent interest in what it means to be human, coupled with a genuine concern for people's well-being have made me a student of Psychology since I was a teenager, and a Professor of the field since 1990.

In my years of experience, both as a Life Coach and as a Professor, I have had "life coaching chats" and in-depth conversations with tens, if not hundreds of individuals - individuals of both genders, and a wide range of age levels. What I've come to discover is that the most common element that exists within all humans is seeking an answer to the question "How shall I live my life?" Every one of these people, as I believe everyone everywhere, shares a deep seated need to fulfill their destiny, to grow as a person, to find "happiness" and "peace". Yet, regretfully, it seems that as much as we legitimately crave these things, it is equally common for us to all be widely conflicted about what our destiny actually is, and to painfully question our own ideals, our own priorities, and even our own abilities. Quite often we "get lost" attempting to make sense of, and choose from, all those voices that simultaneously speak to us - voices from our inner self, from loved ones, and from "the greater society" that surrounds us, all of them promising to have these answers as to what our destiny should be.

Jim Kargakos, M.A., CLC

- Bachelor of Arts, Psychology - Youngstown State University

- Master of Arts, Psychology - University of Akron
- Certified Life Coach - World Coach Institute (ICF Accredited)

- Certified Youth, Parent, and Family Coach - World Coach Institute (ICF Accredited)

Active Member, American Psychological Association