"Jim has been a tremendous asset in helping reach my goals both personally and professionally. He has become more than a life coach and more of a mentor to help me through the issues that I encounter every day. If you need help achieving your goals, looking to grow, or just plain stuck give Jim a call and start performing at your optimal level!"


​Cleveland, Ohio

"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson - 


​​​To enable individuals of all ages to discover their authentic selves and their true passions for life...

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Services Provided

Providing Cleveland with powerful life coaching sessions for individuals ranging from adults to teens...

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About Jim

Student of Psychology since I was a teenager, and a Professor of the field since 1990...

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Helping real, "everyday people" deal successfully with the issues and predicaments of real, everyday life. 

As a Professional Life Coach and a veteran Psychology Professor, I have had "life coaching chats" and in-depth conversations with tens, if not hundreds of individuals - people of both genders, and a wide range of age levels. What I have come to realize is that everyone I've ever encountered as I believe everyone everywhere, shares a deep seated need to fulfill their destiny, to grow as a person, to feel accepted by their fellow humans, to find "happiness" and "peace". Whether the "surface issue of the moment" for any given person seems to be career, work, relationships, or other, the most common element that I believe all people share, the one deep "burning question" that I have found exists within all of us, is "How shall I live my life?"

My aspiration as a Life Coach is to help YOU define and live the life you want to live. Together, I am confident we can accomplish this. Call me or fill out the contact form to begin the journey to your peak. 

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Certified life coach and consultant serving Cleveland, Ohio.